Training at Carefree Canines is provided by an experienced, fully insured instructor who uses a positive reward based approach to help you build on your relationship with your dog.

Dog training

Our Life skills Course, is designed to lay the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship between you and your dog. This course will cover the main skills and behaviors that you need to teach your dog to ensure they develop into a well mannered, happy, safe and friendly pet. This course is suitable for dogs of all ages, it consists of 6 x 1 hour classes and costs £75.

We also offer regular training workshops which take the form of a 2.5 hr stand alone session focusing on a specific aspect of training such as recall or lead walking or alternatively a specific type of training such as clicker or introduction to agility. These sessions cost £35 and utilise positive reward based exercises and games to build your dog’s confidence and focus in real day to day situations.