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Welcome to this special corner of our website dedicated to the memory of our working cocker spaniel, Fynn. He was the corner stone of Carefree Canines, inspiring our unique day care vision with his quirks and friendliness. In his golden years, Fynn became the office kingpin, entertaining us with his constant demands for food.

Sadly as Fynn grew older, he faced a series of health challenges, first with acute and then chronic pancreatitis, and eventually developing IBD. Effectively managing these conditions required us to significantly expand our knowledge base. We shifted our perspective from simply providing nutrition for his well-being to utilizing dietary strategies as a form of medicine to effectively manage these chronic ailments.

Now, in honour of Fynn, we’re excited to share all the wisdom we’ve gathered over our 10 years in business, caring for not just Fynn but countless other canine companions.

This section is your go-to guide for understanding what’s on the doggy menu from puppyhood to adulthood and those golden senior years. Plus, we’re spilling the kibble on how to address common health hiccups that our four-legged friends sometimes encounter.

Quick note: While we’ve got some serious doggy diet know-how, we’re not vets. We can’t stress enough how important it is to team up with your vet and work together to do the best for your canine family members